Training and Training: Practice with Adam Hsu

There’s training and then there’s training.

In Kung Fu there is a kind of training that so challenges the way of thinking AND the body that people successfully ignore it for years and even decades.

So begins Shifu Mancuso’s newest article, printed on our sister site, Click the picture to continue reading.

We are a little moTPW5re than two weeks into our Taiwan trip, and have been very busy eating delicious food, meeting Shifus and publishers and, of course, training.

Shifu Adam Hsu teaches 7 days a week and encourages his students to practice every day, even if not in class. He and his students have welcomed Ted to join the classes: Pigua Zhang, Bajiquan, Long Fist, Bagua Zhang.

So much more to come!

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  1. Robert A. Figler says:

    Love him or hate him, you cannot afford to ignore him.

    He always has something worth pondering and digesting!

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