The Complete Book of Yiquan

The Complete Book of Yiquan

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As we mentioned in closing our last article on meeting C S Tang in Hong Kong, we have acquired his new book (along with a few others to come) on Yiquan. As a matter of fact its title, The Complete Book of Yiquan, is quite accurate: it is a comprehensive manual on this sometimes-controversial practice for which Mr Tang is well-suited to discuss. His knowledge on the subject is well-researched over decades, and the book itself is recommended for any who are pursuing this art.

Finally, a single book that surveys the entire style of Yiquan, including its hierarchy of training methods. This book has dozens of great stories, but it is also a book to spark your interest and participation in practicing Yiquan.

At over 400 pages, the price of $49.95 might be a little higher than average, but at Plum we are making the book available for only $39.95, cheaper than Amazon, and brought to you by people who actually care about martial arts.

(UPDATE! See our new interview with the author, Sifu Tang, on Yiquan.)

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