Ted Mancuso’s New Kung Fu Spear Book & Dvd

The Kung Fu Sear book and DVD

“If you ain’t got the basics, you ain’t got Kung Fu.”

Despite Carthage’s sleepy reception of Plum’s NEW book and DVD, we are excited to announce that “Kung Fu Spear: King of Weapons” is now available.

The books have arrived, the DVDs are spindled, everything is complete…except we’re in Taiwan for another two weeks*.

Coincidentally, on the day the books landed at Plum, I did get to practice with a class of Adam Hsu’s students drilling Big Spear.  I’ve always loved spear work. I had long ago decided that we needed some good basic texts on the four great weapons of King Fu. That idea was only strengthened when I started researching on amazon and found that there were no good texts on one of Kung Fu’s key weapons. Longtime king of the battlefield, the spear encompasses many of Kung Fu’s deepest tactics.

This is a book about training with a spear; heavy on basics, it also includes, in ovr 200 pages, historical notes, applications against another spear or saber, an excellent fundamental spear set, partner work and much more, plus almost two hours of detailed instruction for a Shaolin spear set (also known as the Cha spear) on DVD.

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2 Responses to “Ted Mancuso’s New Kung Fu Spear Book & Dvd”

  1. Qifu Gui says:

    I purchased book and DVD for Staff, Taichi Sword and Cane DVDs produced by Ted. I found they are all interesting. They are worth the dollars I spent. You may all find that the staff training book and DVD are way better than other two. When I knew the spear DVD is available, I was very excited. However I hesitated to place an order. I am expecting this one is smilar to the staff training book and DVD, with foundation patterns and an exciting form (say Six harmony spear form set) with detailed instruction and applications. I have no idea if it is the one I am expecting.

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Qifu,
    Thank you! We look forward to hearing your report.

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