Return of the Hurts

The problem with those closets you have filled and would like to forget, like the ones out back or under your staircase, is that they invariably contain treasures. I admit it, we’ve been neglectful with our Hurts books. And we even like this section! Things are no longer amiss, though, since we just finished putting them in order. And there are a number of new entries. You will remember the rules and regs; mostly these are not “hurt” at all but simply returned from book stores, the prices are great often bringing you a savings of over fifty per cent, the books are often rare or out-of-print and may not be coming along again. Finally, we have as few as one copy on some titles (you don’t get any fewer than that) so we are sorry but it’s first come basis.

We’ should have cleared that closet sooner.

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