Our NEW Kung Fu Spear Book & Dvd Training Manual

Why is it sometimes less difficult to write a book than to write the post announcing the publication of that book?

Well, for one thing, we spend years gaining the information and experience to put together a volume on—let’s say—the Kung Fu Spear. But we don’t (hopefully) spend even a fraction of that time putting the same energy into talking about ourselves and our work (for one thing, we are too busy!)

It is also difficult because, say, if you are writing a book about the spear, you have pages and pages to expound on the details and insights into spear handling, or the true place of weapons training in a Kung Fu lifetime. Announcements, on the other hand, are short, and for that reason tend to fall back on tired cliches, such as “doing this book was a labor of love” (it was) or “…it includes hundreds of photographs illustrating correct spear training” (it does) or “…there is no other book in English on authentic spear training” (there isn’t) or “Usage! Usage! Usage!” (Yes! there is usage!)

Maybe it goes back to what our 9th grade English teacher tried to pound into us when she handed back our essays, sadly shaking her head and pointing with a definitive finger at the red comment scrawled across the first page: “SHOW! Don’t TELL!”

Well, then, let the book (and did we mention the almost 2 hour DVD?) SHOW itself:








What more can we say?

(Oh yeah, click either picture to go to the page for more information, and to purchase.)

2 Responses to “Our NEW Kung Fu Spear Book & Dvd Training Manual”

  1. William Charyk says:

    …But first about the book.

    I notice in particular that Ted (and perhaps you are heavily involved) composes in a fascinating way that really conveys the impression of being in a class led by a gifted teacher. The concepts are set forth, often in alternative ways to help someone who responds better to one set of images than another. The techniques are shown and done so in a way that inspires practice. And then the very special portions where stories are set forth, cultural points of reference that a student would eagerly stay late into the night with the Sifu to hear. A sharing of the tradition that reveals the author’s deep dedication for his art as well as his very broad knowledge of its traditions and legends.

    It is a special book and one that will be very appreciated by people with some experience with the spear but who feel that they are not handling the weapon anywhere near as well as they could and want a very thorough presentation of its essence.

  2. Gabe Holland says:

    Another excellent book/DVD combination from Plum! Every time I watch one of Sifu Mancuso’s DVD’s I’m reminded that you can be down-to-earth and teach kung fu. With any luck, he will continue the series with saber and sword. If we’re really lucky then he’ll put out something exotic like a hooksword book!

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