Iron Skills

Fundamental Iron Skills Kung FuWe’re fast coming up on 4000 products now and, in that time, we’ve accumulated 4 (count ’em, 4) books on the Iron Palm. So it’s an auspicious addition when we do add to this section. Dr. Dale Dugas has set himself the project of  de-emphasizing the miraculous…

The fact is, many who do breaking for demonstration to achieve the “wow factor” are acutally  striking objects that have been altered in some manner or other. For example, by using vinegar to degerade the cinder block’s stregnth; baking the brick in an oven until it is brittle, so it can crumble easily with the slightest of touch; or simply using huge spacers between the striking medium….

Many tips, herbal formulas, some applications, lots of lore and insight into this key corner of Kung Fu training.


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