Introducing Sifu Porf Jou

On our last trip to Taiwan, Sifu Adam Hsu introduced us to Sifu Porf Jou, martial arts teacher.

We had long been interested in him, since we saw both teachers sharing some pages on YouTube. Now we are happy to announce that we are adding Sifu Jou to our list of top teachers. Like George Xu, Adam Hsu, Lorne Bernard, Paul Eng and others, he is an original; one of that rare group of people to whom Kung Fu has become a second nature. He is expert in Taizu, Praying Mantis, weapons work and more.

His DVDs are generous, each multiple hours long, with very clear explanations covering even how many moves per breath and subtleties of angles for exactly how the movements are applied. Like Adam Hsu, he encourages a living relationship between student and material.

We will be adding to our collection as the DVDs become available with English subtitles; the first few, here now, are on Taizu Quan, Praying Mantis and a special survey on the Art of Weaponry.


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  1. Jeff says:

    It is interesting that you have started offering his work. I found him by accident on Youtube less than a week ago. At least I think it’s the same teacher. I could see right away that he is unique and his instruction on an altogether different level.

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