Adam Hsu Article: Black Tiger Steals the Heart

A Straight Talk about the Straight Punch:
Technique, Principles & Usage

Adam Hsu Talks About the Straight Punch

Click Picture for the FULL Article, Black Tiger Steals The Heart

You may not have realized it (how could you?) but PLUM has a brother we never told you about. This new addition is a site devoted to the works and writings of Adam Hsu. We have been feeding this site with much of PLUM’s materials and slowly sculpting it into what we hope is a representation not only of the best of Adam’s Hsu’s work but also those ideas and observations of Kung Fu which exemplify its deepest understanding and most optimistic goals.

Here is an excellent piece on a seemingly simple and basic topic which will give you a taste of Adam Hsu’s subjects and approach. This article, Black Tiger Steals The Heart, has never appeared in book form. Read or download the PDF version with our compliments. We hope you enjoy it and, as we build, come to visit our formerly “lost brother” site.

Sifu Adam Hsu talking about throwing  a straight punch is like Itzhak Perlman talking about B flat. Enjoy this lucid analysis and get a taste of how profound traditional martial studies can be.

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