FINALLY! Books from Hong Kong are here

Here’s the short version:
Last year, we re-ordered these wonderful titles from Hong Kong Chin Woo. It took 3 months and they arrived…sort of—one of the boxes from the order went missing in the US Postal System (it actually navigated the oceans but got lost between New Jersey and California.)

It took a while but the missing titles have safely arrived. The Tai Chi Praying Mantis books, especially, have been out of stock for over a year, so we are very happy to have these again.

Click on the pictures to go to the pages.

Volumes 1 & 2

Here is a series of books we have literally been trying for years to stock.

They are slim, with not much English (or Chinese) and a bit pricey. They are  printed in Hong Kong. Each staple bound pamphlet is small (about two dozen pages) but beautifully done with full color photos, about nine per page, exceptionally clear. An introductory paragraph gives background, special techniques and difficulty rating for each form. We have them on some of the rarer Hung sets, the Chin Woo Lost Track style, and a Chin Woo Lost Track Saber.At the very least click a picture and see their layout.

If you glance at the first title, in white, you will also see our difficult-to-acquire Tai Chi Mantis series, definitely not a pamphlet. Material on Tai Chi Mantis is so rare, this would be enough to make these books valuable to start, but in a addition we find the text and photographs very clear and thorough. For months we only had #1 volume  (the rest disappeared in the shipping).  Now our sets are complete and we feel right in offering  them, singly OR together.

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  1. Greetings Family, These Folks and the Above little Booklets are Wonderful. I meet both of Them in Hongkong Several Years Ago. Both teach Chinese Martial Arts at the HongKong University Student Union Building. The same Place where Bruce Lee learned a Little Northern shaolin from the famed master Chan siu hong.Also, the likes of master Yuen Man kai,Alexander Tse teach from time to time. Sifu Lam Wing Kit and his wife Ying Fun Fong teach the Chin Woo Curriculum and Wing Chun,Plus TaiChi Praying Mantis Kung-Fu. All great Stuff. Be Well.

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Thanks so much, Elliott, for your informative and helpful information. It is always great to get a personal reference and perspective. Kind regards,
    Ted and Debbie (Plum)

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