The Second Special Lam Family Hung Kuen Book is Here!

Hung Family Kung Fu special editionWe were waiting for it and suddenly there it was  (at least some advance copies). The Lam family has produced another exceptional quality document about the Hung style, this second volume even better than the first.

This time they present two major but never before represented (at least in English) forms: Arrow Fist and the Partner Gong Ji Fuk Fu. Beyond this—the discussion of martial arts benefits, the history of the Hung style, the relation to other styles, and background information on these forms—they pretty much hit it right every time. Not to be missed if you are a Hung or related practitioner or you want to see a good example of “how it ought to be.”  (Click picture)

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  1. David Wong says:

    This is truly a masterpiece on Hung Kuen. I’m so glad to have purchased this book. The author Lam Chun Fai has willingly shared his knowledge without holding anything back. Any Hung Kuen practitioner should own any publications from the author. Having learned HUng Kuen for 30+ years I can honestly you I’ve benefited much from his books.

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