The Boxing of the Five Ancestors (Updated!)

Though there is a lot of “cross-pollination” in the Northern styles of Kung Fu, it sometimes seems that the Southern boxing forms are particularly adaptable to hybrid forms. Is this possibly because their fighting envelopes are so close to one another?

Here are two new books on one of the major hybrids known as the Five Ancestor Boxing. Combining five different methods including Tai Tzu and Crane Boxing, Ngo Cho Kun is well-respected for its tight work and strong hand positions. Developed within the last hundred and fifty years or so, this formidable style  was tested early on against armed assailants. These two new texts  combine  a rare first-time republishing of a key book in the style (called “the Bible”) and a retrospective overview of one of the oldest Boxing associations from the Philippines. (click image to go to books.)

We’ve updated our description of “The Bible of Ngo Cho” to more thoroughly represent its contents…thanks, Mark!


Personal observation: A rare moment seems to be appearing with this style. There is a definite decision to open up the style to those who really want it. This happens now and again in the history of Boxing forms and it can be an opportunity for those who think they might have a real resonance with this type of Kung Fu. Mark Wiley and others of this lineage have created a Distance Learning Program and are looking for those who might want to delve deeper into this great Southern style.

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  1. Greetings Folks, This Ngo Cho Kun,Five Ancestor Boxing is the Real Deal. On the Advise of Sifu Mark V. Wiley,I went to Manila P.I.and observed this Art up close and personal. Ngo Cho Kun is Fast and Powerful. Thank You, Mark, Alex,And Sifu Ted. regards. Elliott.

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