Stamp Your Feet for Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan)

SYC-Pachi Tanglang-promo coverAs mentioned, we have a lot going on at Plum right now, and here is just the newest in our list of great events: the FIRST book in english on Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan.) Not only that, but it comes  from the renowned teacher, Su Yu Chang, whose lineage through GM Liu Yun Chiao adds to his own long and deserved reputation. Click image to go to book.

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Here is some information from the publisher:
“For the first time in English, Master Su Yu-Chang, a living legend of traditional martial arts, one of the foremost heirs of Grandmaster Liu Yun-Chiao, shares with the public his uniquely profound insights into the history, the practice and the inner aspect of styles as Pachi Chuan and Pikua Chang, with some chapters devoted to Praying Mantis, and a total of more than 700 pictures dating from the 60s and 70s in Taiwan through to the 21st century around the world.”

Check out our Nexus page for Grandmater Liu Yun Chiao; here you will find a good sampling of books and DVDs represented among Plum’s offerings, created by teachers in   GM Liu’s lineage.

Some quotations from the book:
“The rush and ‘magic recipes’ for ‘fast and easy’ learning have come to dominate the Martial Arts of our times. This approach to Kung Fu has, unfortunately, lowered the quality of Chinese Martial Arts. Without an adequate basis and a step-by-step training there is no substance to the forms. Knowing the movements without knowing the applications transforms them into a Chinese dance. A whole style may be learned in a single day ignoring the traditional steps needed to acquire a true command of Kung Fu. However, mastery of a single style requires years of dedication.”


“There are many people with the good physical conditions and the strong spirit required for learning, but by a lack of luck they never find a good master or a good style and hence never attain a superior level.”
“In Pachi Chuan this almost does not exist; its techniques represent the commitment to ‘everything or nothing’.”


“The level of a school or of a person can be assessed by looking at the three stages of combat. Nowadays there are many ?masters? who say they have attained high levels in their art, but most have actually not finished their studies.”


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3 Responses to “Stamp Your Feet for Bajiquan (Pachi Chuan)”

  1. Greetings Plum Family, A Thousand Thank You”s for Your work and Keeping Us Informed on The Best and Lastest Works. A Very Rare Gem In Today’s World. Be Well. Elliott.

  2. Jeff says:

    “There are many people with the good physical conditions and the strong spirit required for learning, but by a lack of luck they never find a good master or a good style and hence never attain a superior level.”

    All too true. Geography and economics play a strong part, as well. What is a student supposed to do when he lives in a big city but his choices are limited to a narrow range of martial arts options? Books and videos are great for personal growth, but cannot replace a teacher and the insights that come from face-to-face training. But sometimes books and videos are all we have.

  3. Patrick Hodges says:

    “PaChi Tanglang just AWESOME!”

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