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Sometimes readers ask me for suggestions without specifying any certain style. They leave that open. In essence, their exacting and sometimes highly technical queries often boil down to ”what styles do you like?” Of course the real answer is “a lot of them” since I am a lover of Chinese martial arts. Strangely enough, many of the favorites from our huge stock come from the VCD side of the aisle. Now, admittedly, these VCDs are not in English (most of them), and do not match quality with their DVD cousins. But some of these styles have never been represented in DVD and, for all I know, may never be.

Tong Bei

Chi Family Tong Bei. Tong Bei is a great style, there’s that just to start. It combines, literally, the wide-open eagle like moves of Pigua Zhang with a punctuated snappy power that captures the center when needed, adding a peppery speed and string to the moves.

Hong Boxing

Hong Quan. Northern styles are beautiful, but since the advent of the Contemporary Wushu phases, their acrobatic and balletic content has outstripped strong stances, coordinated arms and waist power issuing. Hong Quan is an exception. This style is a throwback, retaining its traditional Long Fist structure but keeping to that edgy blend of fine postures and strong moves. In many ways I see this style as a better representation of Northern Long Fist than what Shaolin has become. Strong moves, a beautiful body-line, authentic flavor.

Shuai Jiao wrestling

Shuai Jiao, Chinese wrestling, does not share a strong presence in forms as most of the boxing arts do, but this series of VCDS places a solid emphasis on usage and, just as good, a whole host of ancient training methods for strength and throwing skill. Many of these power exercises can be beneficial to anyone studying CMA. Kung Fu players of all styles can find at least a few great training tips here.

This is a quick list of some good VCDs to check out. You will find that many of these styles have a single VCD showing almost all their major forms in a survey. You might keep an eye out for those “samples” before buying the whole series.

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  1. Stan Meador says:

    Any favorites among the Southern styles?

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