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qaredHi Debbie,
WOW….Ted’s DVD’s are excellent. Thanks so much for such a great product. Can I ask a few questions?

~I have studied with a guy who said we should always have our gaze on the hand facing the center of the circle, etc. I did not hear Ted mention this, though he may have and I missed it.

~Do each of the 8 palms correspond to one of the 8 trigrams?



Dear JT,

Many thanks for your kind words about my bagua DVDs. 

Now, to get to your questions…

First, as a general rule, if your hand (or two hands, in the case of ‘Embrace the Moon’) is/are facing the circle then, yes, your gaze should also be facing the circle. Now, what do we mean by ‘facing the circle?’

There are at least three modalities and you should try them all. In the first, the hand is a gun sight and you look through it and beyond it. In the second, you look at the hand itself and are aware of the surrounding environment. In the third, which is a very old way and should be used when you circle an object like a tree you, literally, have one eye looking at your hand and one eye looking beyond it as you circle. Remember, if you were using this stuff and thought of the opponent as the center, even the simplest act would have you morphing through a number of viewpoints by the time you got to him.

As for the eight palm correspondence, Yes! Each of the palms (animals) has a correspondent trigram (no surprise, that’s why there are 8 of them!) and also, more importantly, a corresponding quality. Everyone has a little different correspondence for the 8 trigrams but you can find it in almost any book; for instance, we specifically deal with that in our Eight Animals Book.


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