One book closes, another book opens

Dear Plum friends,

As with all years, a look back at the previous 12 months shows both joys and sadnesses; new births, new deaths; bright understandings and muddy moments of chaos or despair. We live in troubled times and the world can be a harsh place. When we take a moment to reflect, we find the things we cherish most are the people in our lives: families, whether born-into or created; friends; relationships.

For us,  the tradition of Kung Fu is a tactile one—it is not just made up of moves, strategies, defences and offences; it is the touching of hands, the passing of knowledge from teacher to student to teacher; the small kindnesses among practitioners, the kind understandings between partners. There are a lot of traits in martial arts that show themselves in troubled times: patience, perseverance, respect for the past, flexibility, a sense of strategy for the future, community.

As we have said many times, we think our customers and the Plum community are extraordinary: people pursuing an old art in new times; finding moments of connection with the past  in ways that are not common; going against the tide of instant-this and immediate-that. You are beacons in your world and in ours, even if you are not always recognized as such.

We wish you the best for 2015! As always, we actually do have many things up our sleeves for the coming year.

Yours in the martial Arts,

Ted, Linda and Debbie



3 Responses to “One book closes, another book opens”

  1. Patrick says:

    May 2015 bring many good things to all of you!

  2. Walter says:

    Thank you for caring for this community spread all over the world

  3. I appreciate your words very much, long live the whole Plum community along with the spirit of true gongfu!

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