Traditional Kung Fu Trio: Through the Back Boxing, Whip and Sword

Tong Bei Kung Fu

Whirling like a windmill then zipping past as straight as a sparrow hawk, Tong Bei style Kung Fu is as distinctive as a green fire engine. The very name of the style, Through the Back Boxing gives a big clue manifested as whipping, circling and hooking arms. This is set off against TBQ’s tight, straight and snappy mid-line attacks.

Jack Yan, martial artist, teacher and musician, is a disciple of the world-famous Chen Zheng Lei and also an obvious expert in TBQ, demonstrates one a key 36 move form derived from the classical art. His new book offers THREE first-time-presented sets in English translation.

The first, Tong Bei, has the distinction of being the”back up style” of many practitioners known for their more popular and governmentally-backed styles such as Tai Chi or Bagua. Master teachers like Wang Pei Sheng (Wu style Tai Chi), Luo Jin Hua (Jiang style Bagua Zhang) and many other famous instructors share a background in TBQ. A secret style for a number of centuries, Tong Bei encourages loose arms, whipping and snapping strikes, and soft but explosive power.

The other two sets in the book are Eight Immortals sword based on beloved folk characters; and the Whip-Stick, a practical weapon that retains the charm of traditional Kung Fu.

The book containing the three sets is now available as is the companion DVD on Tong Bei. The second DVD—Eight Immortals Sword— and third DVD—Whip Stick—will be here soon. Each DVD covers one of these three forms so you need only buy the form you are interested in and the single book gives the instructions for all  three DVDs.

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