Kung Fu Theater: Adam Hsu Shows Weapons

Here’s another memorable entry from that great period on TV when Tat Mau Wong hosted Kung Fu Theater? Sifu would interview a different guest each week and then the teacher would go out on the floor and demonstrate his specialty. If you do remember, here it is. And if you don’t you are in for a treat.
So far…


NEW! In honor of his new DVDs on the art of the sword here is
Sifu Adam Hsu discussing and demonstrating how to do weapons sparring.

Calvin Jones Demonstrates the Hung Fut (Buddha) Fist
The White Lotus System with Douglas Wong
Greg Lee and his father’s JKD
Masatoshi Morita’s Aikido
Kwong Wing Lam shows his Hung Gar
Wen Mei Yu demonstrates Tai Chi styles
Adam Hsu talks Movie Kung Fu vs Real Kung Fu
Vince Lacey shows his Wing Chun side
Patrick Lee Pushes Hands Chen style
Yao Gong Men performed by Sifu Louie
Sifu Lacey showing his Buck Sing Choy Lai Fut
Henry Look and his Guang Ping Tai Chi
Li Wing Kay shows Lau Fat Man’s Eagle Claw

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  1. Nicholas Hancock says:

    A real treasure, thank you for sharing! All of the Kung Fu Theatre clips have been extremely informative and entertaining, thanks again!

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