Fun Stuff: Brendan Lai Presents… 1984

Those were the days my friend.
We thought they’d never end.
We’d kick and punch forever and a day…



Here they are, thirty years ago; a great rostrum of performers and masters:

Left Column:      Cliff Lok     Shek Kin     Mok Poi-On      Lee Koon Hung     Y. C. Wong         Lai Hung     Cheuk Fung     Doc-Fai Wong
Right Column:      John Leong     Marc Singer     Ping Chow     Brendan Lai      Adam Hsu     Bow Sim Mark     George Xu     Kwong Wing Lam

See what happens when you start cleaning up your desk…


2 Responses to “Fun Stuff: Brendan Lai Presents… 1984”

  1. Mr. Lai was a person of Action,Not Talk,I”ve Seen some of these Folks perform back in the 1970’s/1980’s great stuff,Golden Age of Gung-Fu. Sifu Buck Sam Kong,also promoted such Events. Best Regards.Elliott.

  2. This was the type of thing I dreamed of attending, but being in Chicago and a teen with no one else interested around, it didn’t happen. But it was still a thrill to hear about while I practiced and learned with friends back in the day. Good memories. Thanks

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