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Drunken Sword Kung FuWhat are “en face” editions? Each of these low-priced packages comes with illustrated breakdowns of the highlighted form. There is generally some background information and  side by side descriptions  in both English and Chinese.

Each package includes a VCD covering the form, with English subtitles or narration. Most of these packages are under twenty-dollars and are a great way to learn one of the more difficult-to-find styles, such as Hong or PiGua Boxing.

Listed next to each title below is a link to the page where you will find the book and its VCD companion.

144 Eagle Claw, Books on Eagle Claw

146 Yan Qing Boxing, Chinese Books on Lost Track

147 Green Dragon Boxing, Chinese books on PiGua

236 GuanZhong Hong Quan, Hong Style Boxing

237 Long Tassel Double Sword, Chinese Books on Swordsmanship

238 Two-Handed Sword, Books on Sword arts

239 Shaolin Soft Boxing, The Softest of Shaolin forms

240 Cha Quan, Leader of the Muslim syles

243 Tai Yi Five Form Boxing, Taoist Great Spirit Boxing

244 Xing Yi Five Elements and Twelve Animals, Xing Yi fundamental forms

245 Shaolin “Virgin Boy” Boxing, Shaolin extreme flexibility training

246 White Ape Tong Bei Boxing, the original Through-the-Back boxing

247 Daoist Hidden Fingers, Sutras Daoist style for esoteric practice

248 WuSong Breaks Manacles, A form with both hands “manacled”

250 Drunken Sword, the drunken style of movement with a sword

251 Si Ba Chui, from Northern Long Fist Hong Quan

252 Xiao Qin Jiang (soon to come)

253 Feng Mo Staff, the famous Crazy Spirit Staff

254 Shaolin Protect the Heart, one of the longest of the Shaolin Forms

255 Eyebrow Chen Tai Chi Staff, with a bonus Chen Qigong routine

256 Chen Tai Chi Ball Exercise, emphasizes the circularity of Tai Chi

257 Chen Tai Chi Double Mace, an interesting doubleclub set from Tai Chi

258 Chen Tai Chi Lao Jia #2, the set known as Pao Chui

333 FanZi Quan, Fast and powerful art of Kung Fu

334 Miao Dao, the precursor to the famous Japanese “samurai” sword

437 Shaolin Pu Dao, The “Bandit knife” of Shaolin

438 Shaolin Eyebrow Staff , The Shaolin short staff

439 Shaolin Six Harmony Cudgel, Shaolin partner work with staff

533 Shaolin Six Harmony Boxing, Partner Shaolin fighing techniques

534 Round Body Bagua, Books on the art of Bagua and Xing Yi

535 PiGua Fist, one of the great Long Fist boxing forms

536 Shaolin Pao Quan, an intermediate “pure” Shaolin Form

537 Shaolin Da Hong Quan, the iconic Large Red Fist of Shaolin



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