Devilishly Clever Training Devices

Wing Chun Kung Fu training devicesTyler Rea, martial artist and graphic designer, has come out with a new book focusing on the building and usage of inexpensive, DIY training equipment. This newest effort presents many types of equipment, much of which you can build. Two of Rea’s teachers were Sifu Edmund Kwai and his brother-in-law Sifu Lee Bing Choi; a good batch of these methods come from them.

Some of the equipment shown include alternates for wooden dummies, weight clubs, make-it-yourself weight pipe and the iron rings.  Some of the equipment is very easy to manufacture. Also, Mr. Rea shows alternatives to save money by building some equipment of your own, but also substituting tools such as using the weight clubs to effectively train for the Butterfly Knives. Much of this equipment would be useful to just about any Kung Fu stylist.

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