Chinese New Year of the Horse

Narrye Caldwell: Bagua at a Taiko performance @plumpub.comThe Year of the Wood Horse is going to be so dynamic that 0ur resident astrologer & Chinese medicine expert could not put hoof to paper.  Here we offer her recent radio interview where you can listen to the big changes offered by this turn-around time.horse1 (Note: It’s really only about 11 minutes, despite time log.)





3 Responses to “Chinese New Year of the Horse”

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m a horse. The waitress at my local eatery said this is going to be my lucky year.

  2. Thomas Kiefer says:

    Thanks for posting the nice interview!

    Anything I should know about the New Year as an earth monkey? Any advice (or warnings) are appreciated.

    Happy New Year to everyone at!

  3. Narrye Caldwell says:

    Hi Thomas, more to come. I realize I left you all with scant information–a teaser really. Will write something more in depth this week. Hint–Horses and Monkeys share a love for adventure but have different motives. Monkeys need to try for more openness and transparency. Not always achievable but intention counts.

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