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Gao style Bagua ZhangI don’t generally post series which are Chinese Only DVDs but I am coming to the conclusion that the Gao style of Bagua is not only healthy and filled with information but a style that may eventually dominate the Bagua world. I am from the Yin Fu lineage and I really like a number of other families such as Ma Gui and Tian, but the organization and breadth of the Gao branch is one solid recommendation. Not to mention it is getting more and more exposure. And to help with this we are adding a short series by Sifu and 4th generation follower, Ge Guo Liang. Square-bodied and powerfully built it’s good to see such authority in his motions. Also, according to his preview in each DVD, he has a fairly rare Bagua Cane set which we are trailing down even now. Remember, good production, clear instruction but Chinese only.

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  1. Hal Asbury says:

    I have watched all of the DVDs but the big saber, and Ge’s presentation is quite clear. Even though my Chinese is not good, I got much of what Ge presented just from his body language. I was exposed to this branch by my teacher, even though I spent more time working on Liang Zhen Pu Baguazhang. Since my teacher was teaching from the material presented by Ge’s group, what I learned was pretty much like what Ge is presenting, which was fun for me. He shows material several times and at least gives an idea of applications of all the forms. This is so clear, I feel like practicing this material again…

  2. Bai Yiming says:

    You are talking of Gong Baotian style? Gong is his family name, not Tian!

  3. Plum Staff says:

    That’s for the imput but I am refering to another style, namely the Tian style which happens to favor the Bear and individual styles for each animals. Being from the Gong Bao Tian branch myself I would recognize the difference.

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