Baji and Bagua

The Ma style of Bagua: click pic

Among the numerous Bagua styles there is a particular loyalty to the Ma Gui branch. Plum has just received two important texts by Tu Xing Jian on this major form of Bagua Zhang. They are both in Chinese and over 400 pages each; one with color photos on slick paper the other with BW photos. This is for the Bagua (especially MaGui) enthusiast, mostly text, but with some form, usage and historical photographs of interest. Because we feel this will be a special interest item for some people, we are giving a larger discount if you buy both texts.

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Our favorite new Baji Quan book is back in stock once again.This Complete BaJi Quan Introduction is just the type of book we love at Plum: great and historic photos, outlining clear instruction; material directly from Master Liu Yun Chiao; and an accompanying DVD. These go fast when we get them, but we have a small stack right now. click image to go to book.

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