Bagua Nei Gong from Tom Bisio

Bagua Nei Gong by Tom Bisio

Nei Gong book 1

That untiring instructor, Tom Bisio, has just sent us a new series aimed at outlining and teaching the 9 stages of Nei Gong training that live under the Bagua tent.

Though they do not have to be studied in order, the first three (that’s how many we have so far) books give a very straightforward and accessible group of exercises and practices which include the patting practice, Dao Yin training, Wu Ji and other methods of standing practice and, by the third book, Nei Gong which is definitely and structurally Bagua.  So if you are a martial artist but have no Qi Gong (like Tom, we prefer to call it Nei Gong, a loose designation which suggests a more martial approach) you can just order the first two books. If you want the entire exposition of a Bagua Nei Gong proceeding from the well-known to the more specific, you are also in luck.

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