Adam Hsu Teaches Tan Tui

Adam Hsu teaches Tan Tui Kung FuA couple of weeks ago we posted two samples from Adam Hsu’s new DVD series on XingYi (here and here). The response was so positive that we’re continuing with our preview of the next DVD set on Tan Tui.

You’ve probably heard the old quote (as a matter of fact, you probably have heard US repeat it) that “If your Tan Tui is good, your Kung Fu is good.” Hsu Sifu’s presentation of Tan Tui is stellar, and with his new ‘school presentation’ you get the added feeling of actually being one of his students in class with him.

So, for a short preview of Adam Hsu’s Tan Tui DVD package with a lot of background, an analysis of the form, different ways to practice and more, click below:

Want to look at the Tan Tui video? Try this.


And if you want to see all of Sifu Hsu’s DVD’s and books, Click here.


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