A Series of Lectures by a Famous Instructor

Chen Tai Chi by Zhu Tian CaiWell knownTai Chi  instructor, Zhu Tian Cai, adds his own hefty lecture series, just as Chen Zheng Lei had done some time back. Many topics are addressed, and those sections I’ve seen pull together pretty well.

What is the purpose of a lecture series like this? I always ask these questions because Debbie and I are always looking for the information that will help you master the art. To my mind, a series of lectures is probably first aimed at a teacher of some similar type of information. For instance, any Tai Chi instructor will get a lot of information of background from these DVDs, not to mention alternative ways of explaining things to students—always a useful thing.

And, of course, there will be those who are in some way connected to Zhu Tian Cai and others of his generation. This, therefore, records crucial aspects of heritage.

In a sense a series like this is also, in a funny way, a recognition of the Western and modern influences affecting the tradition. Organized information like this was rarely available, even a couple of decades back. People are starting to communicate with one another, frame events, analyze viewpoints. We’re moving from the legendary to the analytical sense of history.  I can only tell you from more than half my life in the arts, that any way in which you get people to listen and understand what they are doing is a blessing.  They can only help.

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