What Are You Waiting For?

Well! When we sat down to look at upcoming Plum projects and products the other day, we realized that this next season is rich with new material. We can’t tell you EVERYTHING but thought we would catch you up on a few items…

promo_hungbook2Hung Kuen Fundamentals is probably mid- ocean at this point, on the proverbial slow boat. Until it lands at Plum, pre-ordering at the discounted price is still available. Click HERE to do that.

Wujishi Breathing Exercises, Plum’s reprint of the classic text on standing breathing exercise from Yiquan practitioner Cai Songfang will arrive by the end of this week. You can read more about it HERE, or HERE (where you can also order.) This title has been out of print for a while, so its return is especially welcome. It’s one of those books that has quietly influenced martial artists across all disciplines (not to mention Qigong practitioners and Chinese medical doctors.)

The Kung Fu Staff, Plum’s newest original publication, is in its final post-production phase. We’ve printed our proofing copy and are brushing up the last of the DVD menus.  Sifu Mancuso (Ted) has produced an exceptional treatment on staff play and usage, and the book comes bundled with a DVD that is more than 90 minutes in length, with an entire staff set and exercises and fundamentals. More on this in a couple of weeks, once its on its way.

Sun Zhi Jun’s “You Sheng Bagua Lian Huan Zhang” Book and DVD. Yes, you read it correctly. The FIRST English language edition of Shifu Sun’s treatise on Swimming Body Bagua Zhang (400 pages!), along with a DVD, will arrive shortly from China. We’ve been watching for this one since it was pre-announced over a year ago. Keep an eye on Kaimen for its landed announcement.

More dual language books; at least a shelf of Chinese language books; a new, English language DVD instructional series from a top instructor; the return of some long out-of-print DVDs…this is just a sampling of the menu to follow, not to mention some new video tutorials and, of course, more articles and training tips.


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