Update: A Classic Moves to the Head of the Line:

Around here the plan is ‘change of plans.’ Here we were, peacefully finishing Plum’s new book and DVD on the Kung fu Staff, when some international negotiations placed the famous igong text, Wujishi Breathing Exercises,  in our hands. We decided to make its out-of-print period the shortest  in history. This famous qigong text, based on Yiquan, has so many people waiting for it, that we let it cut to the front of the line. We expect it will be out by the end of June, with the Kung Fu Staff project soon to follow.

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  1. Rick says:

    So many great projects! Keep ’em coming!

    (And once again, KUDOS for re-publishing Sun Lu Tang’s Xing Yi Quan Xue! You are heroes!)

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