Upcoming Seminars in Santa Cruz (December and January)

We like to keep you updated on seminars and special classes we offer at our school in Santa Cruz, California, especially, those of you living in or visiting the greater Bay Area. We’ve met a few Plum people over the years, and taken great delight in being able to ‘touch hands’ with those who we knew previously only by their correspondence and orders with us. So if you are around, please join us…


Making the Martial Arts Whole Again: A Half and Half Seminar
Tuesday, Dec 10, 2103 or Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014

Ted Mancuso, Director of the Academy, teams up with self defense expert John Ottenberg to explore the fascinating intersection between formal and practical Kung Fu. This “Half and Half” seminar will present a classical Kung Fu form, from the Praying Mantis school, then proceed to analyze that form for its practical movements applicable by any martial artist, despite his or her rank. Click HERE for more info.

BGZ8Asem1Bagua Eight Animals Workshop
Sunday, Dec 15, 2103 or Sunday, January 26, 2014

A four-hour intensive introduction to Bagua Zhang. This seminar, taught by Ted Mancuso, is open to all, regardless of experience. It also fulfills the pre-requisite for joining the Academy’s ongoing Bagua class. Click HERE for more info.


karlphilcolor1Tai Chi Core Movements and Energies
Sunday, Jan 5, 2014
A two-hour workshop, taught by Ted Mancuso, Academy Director, and Narrye Caldwell, L.Ac. You will learn an easy, beautiful and traditional routine based on 5 energies of Tai Chi. This short class is perfect for anyone interested in Tai Chi, as it will give you both a complete practice routine, as well as the first step into further, ongoing study. Click HERE for more info

Tai Chi For Health: Three Month Course
Starts Wednesday, January 15, 2014
The newest jewel in our curriculum. Join Narrye Caldwell, L.Ac. as she begins the second complete cycle of Tai Chi For Health. Narrye will teach a simple yet traditional Short Set in the Yang Style lineage of Tai Chi. In addition to detailed instruction in the set, Narrye also brings her 25 year experience to supplement the martial instruction with information from Chinese traditional medicine. Click HERE for more info



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  1. Rick says:

    Awesome! For anybody who has the Eight Animals book and DVD (or who is thinking about buying them), I wholeheartedly recommend the Eight Animals workshop. It’s a great complement to the book and DVD.

    In fact, the other workshops are looking pretty good too…

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