Two Areas of Special Interest

Shaolin Word Kung Fu

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We have a lot of new material coming for our Chinese division and I thought we would start with a couple of unusual items. First is a branch form of Shaolin. There is indeed  such a branch as Shaolin “Word” style which uses key words to teach its concepts. And this form is “3 Roads 5 Words,” a pretty sophisticated set if the illustrations are any judge. So for those who like the slightly exotic or with a general interest….


Yan Zhao Kung Fu, Tai Chi


We also have a new combination book and DVD on a Northern region of China and its martial culture. This section of Hebei boasts many styles such as  Pigua, Bagua, Eagle Claw Six Harmony and more. The book and DVD give representative forms of Baji, FanZi and Yang Tai Ji from YanZhao. (Just as an aside the Yang TC looks very close to my own Yang TC which was derived from Tian Shan Pai style of Taiwan. Very smooth, similar structure. There are many intersections in the world of Kung Fu.)

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