Tim Cartmell’s Practical Chin Na DVDs…YES!

Tim Cartmell's Practical Chin Na DVDs


This season, as promised, has been especially bountiful here at Plum. In the last couple of months we have added so many great books and DVDs (not to mention articles and tutorials…) Here are just a few:

Sun Zhi Jun’s FIRST book in English: a monumental manual on 6 Bagua Zhang forms, plus accompanying DVD;

Plum’s newest book and DVD on The Kung Fu Staff: a thorough look at this wooden weapon, with detailed instruction and Plum’s unique brand of narrative instruction;

A Complete Survey of Bajiquan in the Liu Yun Chiao tradition, plus accompanying DVD: a massive volume containing photographic instruction on 5 forms in Bajiquan and its sister style, Pigua Zhang;

Hung Kuen Fundamentals: a beautiful hardcover on the famous Southern style, detailing form, history, and a tribute to the Lam family;

Tom Bisio’s newest book on Daoist Meditation: An excellent manual for beginners, from the well-respected Bagua Zhang teacher;

Plum’s reprint of Wujishi: the classic book on standing breathing exercises from the Yiquan master Cai SongFang;

Tim Cartmell’s long-lost Effortless Combat Throws DVD: a welcome companion to his book of the same name;

And now…Tim’s even-more-long-lost 2-DVD series on Practical Chin Na!
These two DVDs are among the most common items to appear on our want-lists. The book itself is one of the best on Chin Na, and one we recommend pretty much above all others. Now, again, the companion DVDs are available, with all of Cartmell’s straightforward, hands-on (no pun intended) instruction. Click image to take you to the selling page.

And there is still more to come….



2 Responses to “Tim Cartmell’s Practical Chin Na DVDs…YES!”

  1. Rick says:

    I can’t say it enough– I really appreciate all that you do. Plum ROCKS!

  2. PB says:

    You don’t know how excited I was when I saw this was available. I have been looking years for this set…

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