The White Eyebrow style of Thomas Cheng

Here is yet another book on Pak Mei also known as Bak Mei and White Eyebrow style. These recent volumes all come from the same publishing company and there is a kind of correspondence among them. The forms and training and details are all from the same source but the coverage in this series attempts to hit different spots and emphases. This volume covers a form (Sup Bat Mor Kiu) and some of the moves with nice detailed photos and a long section in English and Chinese on the energies special to Pak Mei and the fighting application of it in the form. A good representation of this style which, until now, has had little really useful information published.



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  1. Rick says:

    It’s amazing how much material has recently become available on Pak Mei. True, it’s still not a lot of material, but a lot more than there was just a year ago. Hopefully this trend will continue!

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