The Wheelwright’s Prayer

The Wheelright's PrayerEvery human gathering, clan of friends, family of relatives, or fateful community, finds itself this time of year considering its brighter gifts, the luminous forms that people winter dreams.


We martial artists don’t always take time to realize the boon of having trained bodies and minds subtle enough to understand the workings of these marvelous carriages we live in. We sometimes forget that each movement distinguishes us from those who must carry their own bodies as burdens. Even crippled, aged, restricted and impaired we hold in each of us a hidden unity: form and function, purpose and plan, body and spirit.


Every instant we move—a flowering of our creative spirits—we can engage in prayer or meditation or simple silence that has a presence connecting the scenes of our lives to the people, the teachings, the practice that has lasted almost as long as civilization itself. Protecting our family, enjoying the offerings of peace, we are not like the scared and dismal friendless ones who need to prove themselves through bullying and violence.


We survive and help others to survive and there it is: the meditation that lives in the heart of actions, like the hours spent with a loved one by the fire, softly talking of dreams and friendships, the things that last.

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