The Companion White Crane DVD

We have been selling Lorne Bernard’s Shaolin White Crane Kung For for a number of years. Here is the long-awaited companion DVD to that book. This DVD covers history and theory as well as showing the foundational movements of the style.

Mr. Bernard is visibly concerned that he transmit the true essence of his style in as forthright and clear a manner as possible. This has one extra advtantage: there are obvious and well-documented connections between White Crane and the art of Karate. If you are a Karateka or hard stylist in a non-Chinese style, this series would be recommended as a great bridge between the two styles. You may surprise yourself by recognizing the basic step and strike patterns, and even bump into a version of SanChin (Three Battles) Kata which originated in China. A labor of love and dedication.

Update: Click HERE for a preview of the DVD


2 Responses to “The Companion White Crane DVD”

  1. Jeff says:

    You guys need to stop coming up with all these things I want to buy. I’m not made of money!

  2. nicole says:

    keep it coming! I’m not made of money but i will find it to feed my martial art love!

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