Applications of the Chen Taiji and Weapons


Chen Taiji Sword by Wu Shi Jun


Wu ShiJun, an enthusiastic teacher, shows three presentations of his applications for the classical forms. He has produced a double DVD,  loaded with empty hand techniques from a form invented by the famous Chen Fa Ke in his old age: The 64 Manners Chen Taiji. I particularly enjoyed the range of his variations.  Wu Shi Jun can be a trifle didactic at time but he is always involved and informative and most important—his movements are comfortable and off-handed, the result of practice. In addition he gives us two single DVDs, one with the Chen Saber and the other with the Chen Straight Sword. Again one of these, the saber, dates directly to Chen Fa Ke himself. Both are learnable in this context and both are illustrated technically with applications against other weapons. 



Resources: These DVDs are numbered from 29990-29992


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