Pakua Journal excerpt: Too Many Teachers?

It came out twenty years ago and is still a minor miracle in the publishing of Bagua material. I remeber being surprised and delighted that just down the road from where I lived someone, Dan Miller, was producing a journal devoted entirely to Bagua with great photos, in-depth information, little politics and excellent translations and commentary. Bagua’s present popularity was still on the horizon and only early adopters were aware of it. It immediately made magazines like Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu take a step back. The coverage was adult, intelligent and widened everyone’s horizons. We’re going to pick and display some representative articles from the PKJ and, of course, we always advise people to buy the entire run (Nov. ’90 to Feb. ’97) all on a single CD with over 1000 pages on the art.

 A well-known and respected commentator in the field gives some hints on finding a good Bagua instructor …

Dr. Ken Fish article


2 Responses to “Pakua Journal excerpt: Too Many Teachers?”

  1. Thanks,Dr.Ken Fish. You are Right on the Money. Great Insightful Article on PaKua Etc. Regards. Elliott.

  2. James Huston Johnson says:

    I bought this DVD several years ago from Dan Miller’s website. Over the years Mr. Miller presented three outstanding issues that a pa qua practitioner working along will find invaluable. These are; “The Eight Mother Palms,” “Circle Walking,” and “Single Palm Change.” This knowledge is worth the price of the DVD.
    While Dr. Fisher’s article may seem dogmatic and off-putting for self study, these articles are not.

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