Nine Palaces Down Under

This wonderful photo and note arrived in our inbox from one of our favorite Australian correspondents:

(the Plum method of water-container-holds-pole works…) “…like a charm!… as we speak i’m training, watching Ted’s vol. 1 (Bagua DVD) and fine tuning the first 3 palm changes….. paradise!… got the idea for the water bottle from the dvd…(and)…the tyre is perfect for keeping hands tracking at perfect distance from hips in downward pressing palm…”  ~JR


3 Responses to “Nine Palaces Down Under”

  1. jed rutherford says:

    …wow!… humbled that you guys think the photo worthy of posting… hope it inspires others to some training innovations to share…anyone have ideas for an 8 arm/leg revolving mook jong?…peace y’all…

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Great, the nice thing is you can change the distances between the different bottles. Adam Hsu told me that you want to adapt to not only the angles of entry but the space between various “poles.” Good idea!

  3. Jason Gilbert says:

    Wow. We use tires. Often use two for figure eights or fish stepping. Great pic!

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