Guess Who’s Back (Hint: think “Combat Throws”)

Tim Cartmel;l's Effortless Combat Throws DVD

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One of our favorite DVDs is back: Tim Cartmell’s Effortless Combat Throws, that masterful companion to the highly recommended book of the same name.

It is no secret that we at Plum admire Cartmell’s work, and we have been more than a little disappointed that this valuable DVD has been out of print for such a long time. So, true to our purpose, we got the rights to reprint, remaster, and re-distribute this fine, 90 minute work.

If you still need a copy of the book, too, you’ll find a 10% discount for purchasing both.

Finally, but certainly not lastly,  Cartmell’s 2 Practical Chin Na DVDs may soon follow…

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