Got Baji?

Complete Bajiquan and Pigau Zhang from Liu Yun Chiao lineage

Wow! In our opinion—and we also find this echoed by our customers—there is not enough on Bajiquan instruction. Today, with the introduction of this huge book plus DVD from Lion—Imperial Palace Bajiquan Complete Works—we take a step towards righting that problem.

This 530 page book and DVD contain 3 complete Bajiquan forms (Da Baji, Xiao Baji, and a Linking Form,) PLUS Liu Da Kai Pigua, PLUS major Pigua moves, PLUS usage, PLUS basics, plus exercises, plus…Written and demonstrated by Jin Li Yen, with thorough form breakdowns, there is the added attraction of hundreds of photos of his teacher—Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao, considered one of the greatest of Baji Practitioners—also demonstrating the forms. Not to mention that the DVD contains three of the forms plus additional footage of GM Liu and his students.

And for those of you who have been mourning the out-of-print status on some of our earlier Lionbook Baji and Pigua texts, your wait is over…because this book incorporates those PLUS SOME!

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  1. PH says:

    Received Baji material….AWESOME!

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