Glance: Are there really Effortless Combat Throws?

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Here’s a quick look-see and video review of Tim Cartmell’s book, “Effortless Combat Throws,” an excellent companion to his DVD of the same name.

We hope people are enjoying these quick, informal reviews and getting a chance to look inside and become more familiar with these books. ECT is a fine example of a teaching text whether your interest is in Shuai Jiao, Judo. Personally, I would not consider my grappling and throwing library to be complete without it.

The last customer who bought it from me comes from a Judo family of champions and teachers. Some of Cartmell’s explanations, according to him, were simpler and clearer in this book than he had found in his whole career as a competitor.

For the review…

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  1. Stan Meador says:

    Another great glance! Thanks for taking the time to make these!

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