Effortless Thrills and Spills

Tim Cartmell's Effortless ThrowsIt was not very long ago (a month or two flies by) when we “rescued” Tim Cartmell’s fine book “Effortless Combat Throws.” We didn’t say much because we wanted the whole package to be available to our customers, students and friends.  Well, we’re working right now on updating the VHS tape to a DVD. Watching the sequences while I insert menu buttons, I am reminded of how much I liked Cartmell’s presentation and why.


Why do I like it? First it’s a beautifully simple analysis of throwing which categorizes almost all throws in just a few key types.

On top of that, Tim takes the title of the book seriously, showing only those types of throws that require a minimum of effort. He doesn’t do this because he is a CMA practitioner and thinks all soft things are good. He has plenty of fighting experience, including wins at Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments. Rather, he is setting a standard. Of course, in the midst of combat or sparring there will be struggling with the uncooperative but if your throw cannot be accomplished with minimum effort in training then you probably don’t have much hope with the non-compliant. His use of center of gravity displacement and proper penetration into the opponent make that “effortless” more than just a claim. I had a student who was one of Dan Gable’s champions, and he said that Dan’s principle was never to lift to throw, just to walk forward through the opponent and let him ride over you. The same is to be said for that effortless throw which convinced Dr. Kano, the founder of Judo, that there was a better way.

We’ll have the DVD out in a little while, a couple of weeks or less. I suggest if you have not bought the book yet, then don’t. Wait for the package, scrutinize Cartmell’s application of his principles, and then grab a partner—literally.

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  1. Rick says:

    Another great project! You are on a roll! I’m looking forward to this.

  2. Rick says:

    And the Tim Cartmell DVDs and book set on Chin Na would be another awesome save (hint, hint)!

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