Bagua, Xing Yi and Tong Bei added

Cheng Bagua Spear

Cheng Bagua Spear

We have just started to list this great new series of books, all with both Chinese and English texts; not to mention that each also comes with an accompanying VCD.

The first two from this beautifully illustrated color series is a White Ape Tong Bei (TBQ is getting all sorts of attention right now) and a combination 5 Element and 12 Animal practice by Li Su Ling, the editor of the whole series. (Personally I think the Tong Bei performance is pretty good.)

Additionally, we now have in stock the Simplified Chinese text (no english, no VCD) on Bagua spear from the Cheng style, demonstrated by Li Chunling, one of Sun Zhi Jun’s top students, and the performer on Master Sun’s newest (and very popular) DVD series.

More to come!



Tong Bei in the English Long Arm  book section  or

Tong Bei in Simplifed Chinese books

Xing Yi in the English Xing Yi section    or

Xing Yi in the Simplified Chinese Xing Yi section

Bagua in the Simplified Bagua section

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