25038-40: The Yang “Family” Set

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One thing that has always fascinated me is that when someone claims to have a “family,” “secret,” or “palace” style of martial arts—especially Tai Chi—the example in question often looks “embroidered” with many extra movements, gestures of graceful vacuity and downright fluff. Here is a set by teacher Lu Rui Gong, who learned from students and family members of Wu Hui Chuan, an early disciple of Yang Chen Fu. The form he demonstrates on these three DVDs actually LOOKS like an in-house or, as we sometimes called it, “bedroom” version of the Yang style. Many will be happy to note that it is pretty close to the standard Yang style and yet every movement is a little different. This is a humble, straight-forward, precise yet relaxed version of the famous form. One thing is for sure: his fifty years of training have not produced a competition bauble.

Note: Lu Gui Rong studied with several of Wu Hui Chuan’s senior students including Zhang Yu and Wu Gui Qing, nephew of Wu Hui Chuan.

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