Tim Cartmell’s Traditional Sun style Taijiquan

Sun style Taijiquan with Tim Cartmell @ plumpub.com

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Tim Cartmell, author of such books as Practical Chin Na and Effortless Combat Throws, has just released one of his biggest projects: a four volume (5 disk) DVD teaching demonstration of Sun Lu Tang’s Taijiquan form. Using explicit and clear instruction, demonstrations of proper structure, applications for combat and Cartmell’s own direct and insightful instruction, Tim has produced a series that delivers in accurate modern terminology the essence of this style. Though there have been invaluable presentations by Sun’s own daughter, this is probably the most complete and in-depth explanation yet developed in English.

3 Responses to “Tim Cartmell’s Traditional Sun style Taijiquan”

  1. Rick says:

    You know, I found the DVDs on your site just now, BEFORE this blog entry was posted, and couldn’t remember seeing these DVDs before. Now I know why. I’m looking forward to this one!

  2. Charles Cripple says:

    From the review – “If you can’t raise your left hand without slapping yourself in the face, this series is not for you.” Still chuckling at this comment… 😉

    Will be ordering this for sure, all of Tim’s material is top notch.


  3. steve weinbaum says:

    It may be a few months before my internal arts budget can catch up with my desire, but I will not be able to pass this material up.

    Steve Weinbaum

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