The Other Thunder Style?

Wang Hao Da @ plumpub.comWhile staying at the TaiJi Hotel in Wen County (no joke) we were honored to see the three top teachers in China of the last formal version of Chen style entitled “Thunder Style” or Hu Lei Jia. Like most people, we thought this the exclusive attribute of the Chen family styles. But there is a rendition of Tai Chi that brings Thunder style to mind, and that is the Wu style fast set and long set of Wang Hao Da. When he moves you can see all the folding and subtle bursts into power issuance. His performance of the fast set, said to contain many of the energies kept out of the smoothed down version of Wu JianQuan’s long set, shows the entire form broken down—which in this case is almost ironic since you would need some skill, indeed, to interpret and reproduce this sparkling performance. And yet any style of Tai Chi could adopt this method…

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  1. Lothar says:

    totally agree. After studying the Thunder Style videos and seeing Wang Hao Da again, it was quite obvious that there are striking similarities. However, the beauty of Thunderstyle is that there are 10 distinct stages of learning and by going through all these you can slowly learn the skill.
    Not so with Wang Hao Da’s video. It’s all or nothing, which makes it close to impossible to learn.

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