The Eternal Ring of Wing Chun

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Here is the first book in English on the practice of the Bamboo Ring particularly as it relates to Wing Chun and other southern forms of Kung Fu. Besides its obvious use in keeping the two hands “talking” to one another, there are certain systems where almost the entire regimen can be practiced within the circular confines of the ring. For instance, the Wooden Dummy moves—it is said—can all be performed with the ring making it a sort of “portble dummy.” This book from Tyler Rea has information primarily derived from the teachings of Edmund Kwai, student of Li Bing Choi.

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  1. Ty Hicks says:

    I believe everyone should read this book. It should hold something for everyone interested in the chinese arts and then some. Tyler Rea is a scholar, scientist, and overall great guy. This work will expediate the beginners understanding of the southern arts “body-being”and hand skills, as well as give the seasoned practitioner ideas and lines that they maybe don’t use as often-hence a broader range of usable skill. After talking to Tyler a while back,I carried a ring everywhere I went for two years-this guy is open and inspirational. Get the book, get a ring, and never be without a partner or a laboratory again.

  2. mark says:

    Hi Ty,
    Did the rings help you out in sparring and sticking? Just curious, ’cause i’m thinking about purchasing the book.

  3. Tyler Rea says:

    Yes the ring cultivates a vorticular pressure that enhances Sticking hands training, as well as linking the bridge arms to the waist.

    Best regards

  4. Eric raguckis says:

    I got a 10″ metal ring and your book bamboo&iron. Do you have a vidio for sale? Love what I have leard so far. Would like to learn more. I train under Sifu Sam chan in Grand Rapids , mi He does not teach this. Which is cool. But I think it’s a good tool to learn. Do you teach in the USA and do you do privet lessons If not too far would love to do some. My luck your on the other side of the country. Thanks for your time. Eric raguckis

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