Sunday Seminar Series: Taoist Wudang Qigong

On July 15, Plum will be co-hosting—along with our school, The Academy of Martial and Internal Arts—the second in our summer Qigong series.

Taoists monks at the famous Wudang Temple developed this  simple, modular routine centuries ago, and it is one of the treasures of Qigong. This particular regimen is a series of 14 linked exercises, specializing in calming and regulating the metabolism. Many of the movements concentrate on strengthening specific organs according to Traditional Chinese Medical Principles.

This three hour seminar will be taught by Ted Mancuso, head instructor of the Academy and director of Plum, with over 40 years experience in traditional Chinese martial and energetic arts; and Narrye Caldwell, licensed acupuncturist with a 20+ year practice, and professor at Five Branches University: College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We’d love to see you! For more info, CLICK HERE (and don’t forget there is a $10.00 discount for any one seminar for Plum customers: coupon code- PlumSSQ)

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