Spear Tutorial #4: The Big Ghost

Yes, the circling spear has circled back around again. In lesson #4 I introduce the Big Ghost and also traveling with the spear.

(Not like running with scissors.) The thing I love about spear practice is that it reinforces both empty hands and weapons skills. Traveling with the spear, for instance, gives the added bonus of coordinating hands, feet, open, close and a pointy stick. If you have actually had a chance to practice the famous Ghost Shakes Body you will be ahead of the game, for we introduce a further variation on this crucial sequence.

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  1. Rodolphe says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this new (but not last, I hope!) video on spear work. In the Chen style of Taijiquan that I practice, we have a beautiful spear set, but I never spent much time on the fundamental exercices that are so clearly demonstrated in your first four videos. Just one question: when you thrust, do you simultaneously spin the spear by rotating your rear wrist (cf chansi jing) or is it a purely straight move? I am looking forward to your next videos!

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