Spear Tutorial #3: Spiral and something new…

Here’s part three of our ongoing spear video tutorial series. Why do we love the spear? You may get a hint as I demonstrate the Spiral movement and, for the first time, introduce some traditional spear training equipment.

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Look! The BEAR is coming!


Last lesson I showed you the basic large circling action. You may recall that this spear move could be done with the front hand circling, the back hand circling, or both of them circling at the same time. The idea here was to keep everything big and basic and therefore relatively simple. Now let’s take that circle and tighten it down into a spiral…

Start the spear spiral in the Yin, or counter-clockwise direction. For beginning practice use the entire torso to make the shape in space but keep the right hand back at the normal cocked position by the right hip. As usual keep the left arm straight and do not try to “muscle” the movement.

As you tighten the circle and bring that spiral down to a point you will see the tassel wrap itself around the spearhead just like it is doing here. Do not take that too seriously, it is just and indicator that you are moving in the right direction. Try a few in the Yang or clockwise direction.

Keep the movements relaxed. Remember, the torso should direct the spear. If you are going in the same direction like this take a moment each time to let the tassel relax so you can see the spiral as you move.

Once you have tried each direction try alternating the direction spiraling this way and then that, making the change at just the instant the tassel wraps itself around the spearhead. 

Of course this spiral could be done in any size but I suggest a large-to-small spiral as showing you the best example of the action.

Now I can introduce you to some training equipment for the spear. All of these in this series are inspired by what has been handed down to us for proper spear training. Of course you may come up with some great variations on these but here are some traditional pieces. The idea was to create a sense of the shape of the action by running it along an iron form. In this case I’ve just attached some planter rings like you might find at a nursery to a pole. Rings are the simplest. The local metal worker might create fish shapes, yin and yang symbols and much more. Let’s see what we can do with these basics shapes…

The first exercise is simply target practice. Thrust the spear through the rings without making much contact. It’s not always easy and you’ll see a few WHOOPSES in this demon. Thrust THROUGH the hoop not TO the hoop. Try not to have the spear jump as you withdraw it. Practice multiple targets to clean up you front arm aiming ability. Remember, the front hand is the gun sight for now.

Next we go back to the Big Circle and Thrust exercise. Circle the spear and then, at appropriately random moment, turn that circling action in to a thrusting one. This will tend to make the spear cut across. More practice for the left aiming arm.  

Now we get into it. Take the spiral from the first part of this lesson and apply it to ring training. Start out simple. Place your spear in a ring and make either a clockwise or counter circle as you withdraw it. Everything is brought into play. Pull your weight back on your legs. Circle the left and right hands to continue contact with the ring. And, most important, use your torso, not your arm strength to create and control the withdrawal movement. It has to be quick and sure. Imagine that you have thrust the spear, missed the opponent and are now covering your retreat with the spiral action.  This is just one usage. 

  Now reverse the technique. Start with the spear already in the ring. Make a spiral action and THEN thrust the spear. This is comparable to block and then thrusting forward.

Now, practice in any order you want: thrust and spiral, spiral and thrust, or multiple spirals. Always maintain awareness that you are creating Reeling Silk Power and, in fact, that is why the spear is such a valuable device. Surprise yourself, that’s the key. 

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