Spear Tutorial #2: Three Circles

In this installment I’m going to have you moving in circles…

(Click for video. It takes about 30 – 60 seconds to load)



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  1. Bob Figler says:

    What can I say but thanks, real gratitude, a real gift–those interested see if you can find a 12 -14 foot tapered qiang without the metallic head. Combine the exercises with a little bit of stance work. You don’t have to go crazy–I like Kumar Frantis idea of the 80% capacity rule.

    Doesn’t matter what style you play, you will see signficant improvement in body movements and full body expression provide you practice this consistently and with not too heavy of a qiang. [give yourself a good six months of honest training before you either conclude it doesn’t work and is “no big deal”.]

    I recall reading the Chen Fake did 200 punches with a long qiang everyday up until the last couple of weeks until he died.

    Great teaching achievement here–

  2. charlie says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. Its a great intro into spear tech. my question is Do you know where I can buy a spear?
    I don’t know wher I’m going to practice,but i’d like to own one.
    Thank you very much.

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